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Entrepreneur, Thinker, Creative Doer

Full Stack Software Developer-Healthcare Entrepreneur

After 17 years of tremendous success as a clinical dentist, I have transitioned to full stack software development. One of the most exciting things to me about software development is the creative aspect. I enjoy creating and launching software that solves a business problem and makes peoples lives better. A great lesson learned over the years: business analytics, technology, and software are essential, however, it is effective leadership and interpersonal relationships with customers and employees COMBINED with these technologies that create something special and rare: a marriage of tactics, strategy, and technology that maximize both positive customer experience and profits.

Current skills: Python, Node.js, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, PostgreSQL, AWS, Express.js, NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Bootstrap 4.0, React, AJAX, JSON, Redux, HTML5, CSS, Postico, XML, & much more. Please explore my portfolio to see my most recent projects and how I'm utilizing these technologies. Wishing you much success!!


Multi-Unit Dental Clinics: 2003-2015

27% Annualized Profit, $3 Million Budget, 60+ Employees

Dentist Membership Site: 2016-Present

Cloud hosting 18 educational videos with online membership portal to 1000+ subscribers.

Dental Software: 2016-Present

Project lead dental metrics software, consumer dental insurance selector, patient communication portal, Q & A website, & evaluated hospital admissions data for better patient outcomes.

Software Developer Certifications: 2016-Present.

Completed courses on business, healthcare data analytics, full stack software engineering, and data science.

Fun Facts

Software Experience

2+ Years

Executive Experience

10+ Years

Software Certifications


Coffee Consumed



2+ Years of Software Experience
10+ Years of Business Management Experience



Full Stack Immersive Coding

Digital Crafts

React, Redux, Node.js, Express.js, JavaScript, PostgreSQL & Python with more cutting edge technologies used at today's leading software companies.


Specialization Courses

Duke University | University of Michigan

Certificates in data science, MySQL, Excel, Business Metrics, Tableau, & Python.


Doctorate of Dental Surgery

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Exceptional clinical, anatomy, biology, pharmacology, and biology training.


2016 - Current

Founder-project lead

Dental Software

Online dental metrics software & member education website. Consumer dental insurance selector & patient communication portal. Identified key requirements. Created business analytics formulas, bulk email campaigns, online sales webinars, & continuous product testing.


Strategic Business Consultant


Provided consultative advice to medical start-ups on FDA clearance, fundraising, marketing strategies, evaluating vertical sales channels, and team building.


President Multi-Unit Dental Offices

Sequoia Dental

Revenues in top 5% of all dentists. Managed $3 million budget & 60+ employees. Perfected patient experience. Implemented metrics, business systems, and patient surveys to grow income >15% annually.

Front-end Skills

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 4.0, React, AJAX, JSON, Redux

Back-end Skills

Python, Node.js, NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Express.js, SQL, PostgreSQL, Postico, MySQL, Amazon-AWS, Ubuntu Server Deployment, Cloudflare, command-line interface, Visual Studio Code, Bash, nodemon, Jupyter Notebook & XML.

Content Management Skills

ClickFunnels, EverWebinar, Tableau, Simplero, MailChimp, Microsoft Office, Vimeo, Wistia & Sendgrid.

Business Skills

Project Management, Customer Experience, New Product Development, Statistical Data Analysis, Business Consulting, Change Management, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, & Healthcare.


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I am currently seeking full time opportunities, especially in software development for healthcare.

Houston, Texas
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